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Games with 16 votes

1 more vote needed!

Mark doneGetOutOffMyRoom
by Edeter - Windows

Games with 15 votes

2 more votes needed!

Mark doneColor Attack
by Alarmed Dino - Web, Source

Games with 14 votes

3 more votes needed!

Mark doneROOM 42
by freaknarf - Windows, Source

Mark doneStowed Together
by Jacob Peltola - Download, Twitter

Mark doneWelcome to My Room - VR
by xanderhd - Windows

Mark doneInvasion of New Svetovid [IONS]
by Loginaut - Windows

Mark doneFourth Base
by Aless - Windows

Mark doneThe Studio
by KevinTheTuna - Windows

Mark doneThe Night before Christmas
by fyhr - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneFire In The Hole!
by Venom Studio - Windows, Mac, Linux

Games with 13 votes

4 more votes needed!

Mark doneMafishia
by haxxero - Windows

Mark doneThey Say You Can't Sleep Alone in a Strange Place
by Karatorian - Linux, Source

Mark doneMayan Massacre
by Inventivum Games - Windows

Mark doneBarrel Survival
by stoffe1992 - Web, Source

Games with 12 votes

5 more votes needed!

Mark doneDedecoratorVR
by fdr - Windows, Source

Mark doneControl Room
by RovingSquid - Windows, Mac

Mark doneDon't' Let The Zombies Escape
by Luis_Antonio327 - Windows

Mark donezombie-tag
by robert-barnhoorn - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneBird Cage
by JozefGorila - Windows

Mark doneBeat Kitchen
by Compton - Windows, Source

Mark doneEvil Udolfs Room
by bigteddy - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneCode Name - Metal Hex
by laurence - Windows

Mark doneUnescapable
by unexpectedprocrastination - All Platforms, Source

Mark doneAlone in the Dome
by GuillaumeGwi - Windows

Mark doneNetwork of the Trapped
by MikeTheWayne - Source, Java

Mark doneLocked UP
by Barink-social - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneSpooky House: The Revenge of Big Boomer the Third and The Big Vegan Demon Part Two
by pouls - Web, Source

Mark doneRoum1
by Stormer - Windows

Mark doneThe Control Room
by Aggrathon - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneSame Room, No More.
by Ampera - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneKarl: The Evening Hanger-About; The One Room
by prozacchiwawa - Web, Source

Mark doneMoving Dungeon Room
by szahn - Web, Source

Mark doneDeaf Samurai
by ex3c - Windows, Source

Mark doneTaffer
by Daedolon - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Source

Mark doneDot
by davidcmcdonald - Web, Source

Mark doneRelic Chamber
by Andrea - Web

Mark doneHackedRoom
by indieyp - Windows, Web, Source

Games with 11 votes

6 more votes needed!

Mark doneLibrarian
by Grl - Windows, Source

Mark doneSerial Testing Inc.
by Syrapt0r - Windows, Source

Mark doneRoom for Doubt
by KBF123 - Windows, Source

Mark doneR00M
by OuichesDoctor - Windows

Mark doneGravity Crush
by gandoulff - Windows, Source

Mark doneGod Damn the Queen
by DeltaNegative - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneProject hotel
by Rikstar - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneRoom Rescue
by Tbeakl - Windows, Mac, Source

Mark doneTower of Bees!
by Mack101dog - Windows

Mark doneYuletide Bouquet
by Kurai - Windows, Mac, Source

Mark doneDon't Stare At Boobs
by gilead - Windows, Source

Mark doneOne Room Apocalypse
by firstdream - Web

Mark doneNick Cage Adventure Quest for the One room
by tehPHEN - Windows

Mark doneLDJAM 37 First Ever Lundum Dare Game.
by royalcivilian - Windows

Mark doneRoom Norris
by esquirolaire - Windows, Mac, Web

Mark doneThe Room of Traps
by Beyondgood - Web

Mark doneMellow
by ColinAllman - Windows

Mark doneAirportSecurity
by Luminar_ - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web

Mark doneAdmiral's Room
by theholychicken - Web

Games with 10 votes

7 more votes needed!

Mark doneClaustrophobia
by Shellest88 - Windows

Mark doneThe Mailroom
by tomaisthorpe - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneOh Dear, where are my keys?
by clerg0 - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark donemikey's ice fishing
by Thirsty - Web

Mark doneMemory Lapse
by IGDZichu - Web

Mark doneLet's play a game!
by MrGussio - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneThe Life of an Astronaut
by ilionis - Windows

Mark doneENRUM
by JimmyTheHack - Windows

Mark doneOne Room to Freedom
by Poller2810 - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneRefuge
by MichaelPelgonen - Web

Mark doneTee Vee
by Chaosmore - Windows, Source

Mark donechange the world
by jake321 - Windows

Mark doneRoompocalypse
by foreverip - Web

Mark doneAlone with Zombies
by sleepyfox - Windows, Linux, Source

Mark doneORSSST
by Insederec - Windows, Source

Mark doneExtraction
by aburch1 - Windows

Mark doneRecall
by rodolink - Windows

Mark doneIkea-ller
by Shatter Point Studios - Windows

Mark doneColoroom
by rootools - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneDecoVRation (VR Only)
by Darkfrost - Windows

Mark doneMoving Day
by Phobos001 - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneSandpaper
by Joanrelos - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web

Mark doneVRPG
by awoojr - Web

Mark doneDissonance
by iapc - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark donePortal Tanks
by cameron2134 - Windows

Mark doneAlien Kitchen Turbo
by stoz - Windows

Mark doneTime to sleep sweetie!
by spideboy - Web

Games with 9 votes

8 more votes needed!

Mark doneEscape Your Room
by AthelGS - Windows, Source

Mark doneStowaway tragedy
by Oreolek - Web, Source

Mark doneAdrift from Valushkia
by Beefsports - Windows, Source

Mark doneSpeed Equals Size
by Squatch - Windows, Source

Mark doneWelcome to my game please be gentle
by DaMacchi - APK, Google drive folder

Mark doneColors Please No
by kolbjorn - Windows

Mark doneCube Hop
by johnasebok - Windows

Mark doneSpaceGirl
by earthcollapse - Web

Mark doneTrainMan
by Troyan - Web

Mark doneThe Situation Room: Twitter Crisis
by dkdwrek - Web, Source

Mark doneDad's Cabin
by ElysRealm - After LD Diary, Windows, Source

Mark doneEternal Prison
by AntoineDesbiens - Source

Mark doneMindspace
by metaldemon - Windows, Source, Media

Mark doneHumanZoo
by cps9257 - Windows, Web

Mark doneIt Wasn't Me
by Deltaohio - Windows, Mac

Mark doneJohn Holden
by john256ish - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Source

Mark doneMail Room
by guru-guru - Web, Source

Mark doneHard Unit
by internetpaulicy - Windows, Mac, Source

Mark donePatch-A-Room
by JakeL168 - Windows, Mac, Source

Mark doneMagician Carrier
by Kitkom - Windows, Web

Mark doneEvent Horizon
by ProgrammerSteve - Windows

Mark doneSame Stuff Different Day
by CartridgeBlow - Web

Mark doneaa
by oooooo - Windows

Mark doneEscher Escape
by AngryAlbino - Windows

Mark doneNinja Boi Break Out
by ShockWire - Windows, Source

Mark doneBiragela
by kuicreaciones - Web

Mark doneAnUnwillingRoom
by sichy - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneOrbiomus Delta
by Priweejt - Web, Source

Mark donebot.asm
by Ghust1995 - Web, Source

Mark doneText Me Later
by tomer_cool - Web

Mark doneEscape
by Colm - Windows, Source

Mark doneEscape The Bathroom
by xgeovanni - Web

Mark doneLast Mansion on the Right
by thomascurry - Windows

Mark doneHome Alone in the Dark
by Supreme Tartiflette - Web

Mark doneEveryday
by felipe72 - Windows, Mac, Linux

by Zimbres - Windows, Mac

Mark doneGravity Set Me Free
by Darthone - Windows, Source

Mark doneHappy Pill
by MensInsana - Windows

Mark doneTalk About It
by BradleySmith - Web

Mark doneBattle Room
by Rudenko - Windows, Web

Mark doneThe Small Escape
by liglet_g - GitHub, Mac, Web, Source

Mark doneCleanstalkers: Hidden Agenda
by cooperra - Web, Source

Mark doneWe are going to play this game. Cause its a really great game.
by angela - Web

Games with 8 votes

9 more votes needed!

Mark doneBedroom Horrors
by muzuka - Windows, Mac, Source

Mark doneCelda
by DrillerDev - Windows

Mark doneDragon
by Madsj - Windows, Source

Mark doneElection War
by Cliff Lee CL - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web

Mark doneUnrealestateEscape
by Xero560 - Web

Mark doneJunk of Icarus
by merzlot - Code streams, Art streams, Windows

Mark doneThe War Room
by SnedHlepPls - Windows, Source

Mark doneLet Me Out
by AlceX - Windows, Web

Mark done2D Prop Hunt
by Penagwin - Web

Mark doneBounce
by Rad4th - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneUnbelievable Deals Of Loving
by Y.T. - Windows, Mac

Mark doneBobbyBobbyBobby
by Dikkop - Windows, Web

Mark doneToy Time
by yotam180 - Windows

Mark doneUnityChan simulation game
by karry9527 - Windows, Web

Mark doneGo Away Kitty
by PartyPanda5 - Windows, Mac

Mark doneMaintenance
by matthewd673 - Windows, Source

Mark doneRight Here
by Hiinds - Windows, Source

Mark doneReflect
by Fedora_The_Explorah - Windows, Web

Mark doneRoom To Heaven
by carlosvVk - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Source

Mark doneRoyal Roomba Rumble
by SwedishCheese - Web, Source

Mark doneShut in Simulator
by Uldrendan - Windows, Mac, Web

Mark doneThe Gardener
by domerul - Windows, Source

Mark doneRat House
by gassmann.gavin - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneParty Co. Inc.
by fabbyrob - Windows

Mark doneBlind Man's Room
by seizeTheDia - Web

Mark doneSuk'innr's Shrine
by nihilocrat - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneOne Room (Forever)
by ironchest - Web, Source

Mark doneOne Room Showdown
by m33pn8r - Windows, Source

Mark doneThe Navigatorium
by Fixxel - Windows

Mark doneMADLAB
by Reag - Windows

Mark doneOne Room Required
by Dubgron - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneConference Room
by CertainlyCanyon - Windows, Source

Mark doneCrates of Chaos
by block97 - Windows

Mark doneCOHAV Culmination Of Hatred And Violence
by Lord_404 - Web

Mark doneDark Chamber
by elucent - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneChicky & The Room Of Unfinished LD
by pythong - Web

Mark doneSecret of Momo
by wzl - Web, Source

Mark doneI Ain't Leaving My Bunker
by sandbaydev - Windows, Web, Android

Mark doneClean Room!
by bossinc - Windows, Web

Mark doneCatRooM
by sabingeo - Windows

Mark doneHotline Mamazon
by ImjustHereForTheFreeBeer - Windows

Mark doneOne Room (webgl)
by unitycoder_com - Windows, Web

Mark doneOne Room Fort!
by Exolun - Windows, Web, Source, Android

Mark doneLighterless
by kiguel182 - Web, Source

Mark doneLittle Town
by Somfunambulist - Windows, Source

Mark doneCarlander
by tayl1r - Web, Source, Media

Mark doneDice
by Coin Flip Games - Web, Source

Mark doneillusionRoom
by Rykardo - Web

Mark doneEver-Changing Room
by Berserker44 - Windows, Source

Mark doneRITUAL
by larkkkattack - Web

Mark doneCursed Dungeon
by Tommislav - Windows, Web

Games with 7 votes

10 more votes needed!

Mark doneSickSports
by MatLab - Windows

Mark doneThe slurrs slaughter
by bog13 - Windows, Linux, Web, Source

Mark doneHyperspeed Farmer
by jacksmack - Windows

Mark doneTestROOM
by Jeuiop - Windows

Mark doneExiled
by shortfoot38 - Web

Mark doneEscape One Room
by Tangent128 - Web, Source

Mark doneFantasizing About Bankers During a Recession Fills Me with Shame
by Arakade - Windows, Web, Media, Android

Mark doneThe Giant Room
by admicos - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Source

Mark doneDungeon Train
by Funske - Web, Source

Mark doneWhat's That Word?
by ReactorScram - Web, Source

Mark donePEUVR - Punch Em Up VR (HTC Vive)
by RamonRed - Windows

Mark doneTidy Up
by jamcity - Web, Source

Mark doneGhostmeleons
by daniel - Web, Source

Mark doneNin - Ludum Dare 37 Edition
by PunKDrifteR - Web

Mark doneReal Room Lander
by asierarranz - Windows, Web, Source, Android

Mark doneBossRoom
by benjim - Windows, Web

Mark doneFeng Shui Master
by Hammers - Windows, Web, Source, Android

Mark doneHouse of 1001 Ninjas
by Keelan - Web, Source

Mark doneThis Room Ain't Big Enough For The Two Of Us
by KevKevOnFire - Web, Source

Mark doneSolitude Maze
by joaobsneto - Windows, Web

Mark doneRoombiks Cube
by fwishtokgy - Web, Source

Mark doneFinn and the Enchanted Chamber
by therealplexus - Web, Source

Mark doneTilty Room
by redzero - Windows, Mac, Web, Source

Mark doneTap-A-Doom
by eddiewing - Windows, Mac, Web

Mark doneDesign One Room
by moonagent - Windows, Source

Mark doneCaterpillar
by Relee - Windows, Web, Source

Games with 6 votes

11 more votes needed!

Mark doneTick Tack Shoot
by Twistashio - Windows

Mark doneMandF
by ManuelLau - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneChat Room One
by DivineOmega - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneSuper Blind Man
by acsid - Windows, Source

Mark doneJust Leave Home
by ALeal_Dev - Web

Mark doneHotel California 2: Electric Boogaloo
by Jusskarr - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneOne Room : Cat Muse and the LD edition
by Slowtyper - User link, Windows

Mark doneSleep
by Aidan Markham - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneInfinifight Room
by PixelFrosch - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneChest Quest!
by Jamie Rollo - Windows, Source

Mark doneScare Dare
by radiochio - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web

Mark doneJohn Roomstantine
by Wryxo - Web

Mark doneSolitary Confinement
by tsjost - Web

Mark doneMarshmallow
by tenentenen - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneRoom Warfare
by realtutsgml - Windows, Source, Media

Mark doneThe Floor Is Lava
by OOGY - Web

Mark doneLobsterbotomy
by wvugdc - Web

Mark doneBlue Balls - Defend The Last Room
by AurynSky - Windows, Source

Mark doneFour Crystals
by MistySoulsGames - Windows, Mac

Mark doneVegetables ain't kiddin'
by Assimby - Windows

Mark doneChamber17
by ichigodev - Web

Mark doneZaaz Signal
by thristhart - Web, Source

Mark doneReally, This Again?
by megecoder - Windows

Mark doneRed and Blue VR
by Beep2Bleep - Development Streams, Windows, Source, Media

Mark doneDroop
by a-shell-in-the-pit - Windows

Mark doneCaptain Hyperspace
by frosty - Web

Mark doneSwapOrDie
by theJoh - Web, Source

Mark donePinch
by synthetic-entropy - Windows, Linux, Source

Mark donePixel Farm
by kevinttan - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web

Mark doneTermite Wars
by eflosten - Windows

Games with 5 votes

12 more votes needed!

Mark doneHoard
by InoMoxo - Web

Mark doneLeaving the Nest
by Nathan Carter - Web

Mark doneOne Room - One Job
by laurenceduffy - Windows, Source

Mark doneHextera
by Diaonic - Windows, Mac

Mark doneUnum Locum Servare
by IDid - Web

Mark doneWorking the ERR
by bionp - Web, Source

Mark doneEscape
by laluis1 - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Source, Java

Mark doneOne Room Arcade
by Karash - Windows

Mark doneBless the STar
by balfire - Web

Mark doneBoxBoxBox
by Riccardo - Windows, Mac, Source

Mark doneTrojan Trip
by Mikors - Windows, Web

Mark doneThe Insanely Devious Clockwork Training Room For RPG Slimes
by Fough - Windows

Mark doneIlea's Life
by kathie - Windows

Mark doneThe Library of Babel
by Ancient_Pixel - Windows, Source

Mark donescape the room
by loudrasiel - Source

Mark doneThe Mail(Bore)Room
by Multitudes22 - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneOur Final 3 Days (Mobile VR)
by Selzier - Android

Mark doneOne Room Quest
by nonsako - Web

Mark doneHouse Invade
by reivinoktavianus - Windows, Source

Mark done6x4=1
by NMcCoy - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneColour Blind
by Lolop109 - Windows

Mark doneOne Room Chop Shop
by Joror - Windows

Mark doneSuper Haystack Challenge
by SEFD Stuff - Windows, Mac

Mark doneThe one game
by taras_v - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneBarata
by EricHHL - Windows, Source

Mark doneWho Will Bell The Cat
by DerpyDev - Play in the Scirra arcade!

Mark doneThe Cave
by kalzun - Windows, Mac, Source

Mark doneTogether in the Void
by procedural_love - Windows, Source

Mark doneBlackout
by Strider - Windows, Source

Mark doneSpace Room Reset
by notime4games - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneAbstract Room
by regisclaus - Web, Source

Mark doneRoom 01
by Game_Coder - Windows, Mac

Mark doneRoom 237
by CamCamStudios - Web

Mark donea game about sheep
by Nilq - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneLux Nominem
by Stache - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark done1 Light 2 Reveal
by humming - Windows

Mark doneLong Live
by Ieyfo - Windows, Source

Mark doneSledge Head
by swiftcoder - Windows, Mac, Web

Mark doneMotel 37
by alxm - Windows, Linux, Source

Mark doneStrongholder
by moomoomango - Windows

Mark doneWhack a Mosquito
by Mike - Windows

Mark doneone life
by roxrox - Windows

Mark doneOne Christmas Room
by ChunkOfHuman - Windows, Source

Mark doneGombledeens Great Adventure
by IonProgramming - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneWarehouse Assault
by denycetm - Windows

Mark doneTower Mystery
by muumeroinen - Web

Mark donemyham fastival
by yoel1234 - Web, Source

Mark doneMean Streets
by backlashblues - Windows, Mac, Web, Source

Mark doneBear Offensive
by Haighstrom - Windows, Source

Mark doneJuggernaut
by Gendryl - Windows, Web

Mark doneParty Putter
by redpix_ - Windows, Web

Mark doneIsolation Knight
by dylanwolf - Windows, Source

Mark doneA Square Robbery
by yuotta - Web

Mark doneAlien Rooms! What Do They Know? Do They Know Things? Let's Find Out!
by Marjie62 - Windows

Mark donetranzeve
by tranzeve - Windows, Mac, Web, Source

Mark doneLDSnake
by Sri Harsha Chilakapati - Desktop, Web, Source

Mark doneCrowded Room
by th3balta - Windows

Mark doneOne Room - One Girl
by blenikox - Windows

Mark doneOne Room
by eXpl0it3r - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneThere is a Light
by Bahiyya - Windows, Web

Mark doneMaelkekasse Stacker: The Game
by Dem_Squirrel - Web, Source

Mark doneLaPaperasse
by yellowiscool - Windows, Source, Media

Mark donePixel Pizza A Muerte
by seveca95 - Windows

Mark doneProgrotron
by nathanvv - Windows, Source

Mark donePut the Loot Back
by bebo - Web

Mark doneThe Mermaid Situation
by lislis - Web, Source

Mark doneKey Items
by danielmus - Windows, Source

Mark doneTwisted Chamber 3D
by egor-idiot - Windows, Source

Mark doneEscape
by ChalmFarm - Windows

Mark doneCapture the Lion
by guest253 - Web, Source

Mark doneSurvival in room with kiling lasers sumulator 2017
by nick0124creator - Web, Source

Mark doneDestroy the Cubicle
by avocadojoe - Windows, Web

Mark doneHamsterHamster
by Toltec - Windows

Mark doneStick Together
by Jalict - Windows, Source

Mark doneSmiting Blade
by MidBossu - Windows, Source

Mark doneFlaming Garbage a Metaphor
by toranoko - Web

Mark doneFight against the developer
by S1lv3rDr4g0n - Windows

Mark doneAisu's Cube
by pixeldot-studios - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneDrone In The Room
by emwebb - Web, Source

Mark doneDeductive
by Reversal Mirror - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Source

Mark doneIn the Roomlight Room
by chinobistar - Windows

Mark doneDigestion Manager
by prakkus - Web, Source

Mark done Find The One Peaceful Room
by eric186 - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web

Mark doneInfiltradar
by Infiltradar - Web

Games with 4 votes

13 more votes needed!

Mark doneRabbits Room
by EthanShulman - Windows, Linux

Mark doneClean the Floor
by scampie - Windows

Mark doneUndead Arena III
by LedgeTheDev - Windows, Mac

Mark doneA Single, Solitary Snail
by SigmanZero - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneAnne Frankly, I Did Not See That Family
by Lightyear - Web

Mark doneBlock Tower Mayhem
by legoaisu - Windows

Mark doneFine Cuisine
by sararyCow - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web

Mark doneThrone fight
by iovorobiev - Mac, Web

Mark doneThe Training Room
by jeje805 - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneForklift Failure
by DivineRage - Windows, Source

Mark doneNo More Room In Space
by Kacpi - Windows, Source

Mark doneLabitect
by Echo Team - Windows, Source

Mark done6H To Save The World By Pretending To Be A Chemist At The North Pole
by Drenghel - Windows, Web

Mark donehospitality
by ninja00283 - Web

Mark doneRunning Ninja
by CrazY - Windows, Linux

Mark doneNo Fluoxetine
by TheGameMecha - Windows

Mark doneFire Escape Plan
by InvalidCola - Web

Mark doneNo Exit
by PlasmaErnst - Windows, Web

Mark doneSquiddey (VR Only)
by ShadowBrain - Windows

Mark doneNightmares
by icicle-proof - Web

Mark doneFloor is a Lava
by Dante - Windows

Mark doneScape The VROOM
by Flip120 - Windows

Mark doneMotorhome room
by darkwing00duck - Windows

Mark doneMix
by vinceq - Web

by deathlybread - Windows

Mark doneMind Space
by rydough - Windows

Mark doneMouse Telekinesis
by FrozenCow - Web, Source

Mark doneMoving Day
by cptalbertwesker - Windows, Source

Mark doneFlippy Grippy
by Grimelios - Windows, Source

Mark doneMy Room
by iman1000000 - Web, Source

Mark doneThrow the Cat!
by ahmad4zan - Android

Mark doneFly Away
by MagLuTiLa - Windows, Source

Mark donefootprints
by alyphen - Web, Source

Mark doneReMember
by Lunique - Windows

Mark doneRat Game
by RottaGod_X - Windows, Mac, Linux

by Problem - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Source

Mark donePub Master
by Ace - Windows, Linux, Source, Media

Mark doneOne Room: Five Routes
by Basilios - Web

Mark doneOne room, please
by Lloydo - Windows

Mark doneThe Scientist
by RyanMan56 - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneOneDirtyRoom
by xoidberg - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneOneRoom72hoursChallenge
by jin - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web

Mark donePower The Grid
by claudioa - Web

Mark doneOzil and The Roaches
by Kassimkot - Web

Mark doneSwap-a-Room
by 01101101 - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneCrazy Kitchen
by itshardbeingaboss - Windows, Mac

Mark doneBattle Dungeon
by arturgiardi - Windows

Mark doneOne Room Terror
by smoreley - Web

Mark doneCreature
by spirulence - Web

Mark doneWonderCube
by Alfabits - Windows

Mark doneCrown Room
by The Walking Kiwi - Windows

Mark doneDoorpicker
by wly_cdgr - Web

Mark doneButton The Game
by EhoNo1 - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneStill In The Room
by benmcnelly - Windows

Mark doneGame Jam Fail 01
by phil - Web, Source

Mark doneSwitch
by valax321 - Windows, Source

Mark doneThe Satis
by Soren11112 - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneOne Room Dragon Schmup
by Roaming Gamer - Corona SDK, SSK2, Windows, Source, Android

Mark doneCrawlout
by Bracula - Windows, Mac

Mark doneThey Are In A Room
by Cesque - Windows

Mark doneTea Time
by Acuity - Music, Web, Source

Mark doneRobot Gambit
by Saxon Douglass - Web, Source

Mark doneGrounded
by VoodooCrawfish - Windows, Source

Mark doneVengeance with Salt
by PetersonGames - Web

Mark doneShut Up Nancy, I gotta pee, now which way to the bathroom
by dwemthy - Web

Mark doneHot Seat
by TeamChaton - Windows, Web, Source

by skeletim - Web

Mark doneLittle Tokyo
by FlyingMeta - Web

Mark doneGrandmas' Apocalypse
by WormStudios - Web

Mark doneTopZombies
by EldoranDev - Web, Source

Mark doneRoom Raiders
by SalamiChild - Web, Source

Mark doneVl'hurg Scout
by daubers - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Source

Mark doneRoom.io
by Garazbolg - Server, Windows, Source, Android

Mark doneRoomshift
by foodzilla - Web

Mark doneLast Stand
by AsixJin - Web

Mark doneScaling room
by Powersource - Web, Source

Mark doneSatans Secretary
by thesymphonyoftheknights - Web

Mark doneIndoor Plane Actions Championship
by rallebauz - Web, Source

Mark doneIo: Tales of Recursion
by nicklink483 - Web

Mark doneA Tale of Two Tables
by BeaconIntl - Web

Mark doneJavascript Battle Bots
by asemahle - Web, Source

Mark doneSecond Person Shooter
by TCVM - Windows, Source

Mark doneTricky Trees
by 23 - Web

Mark doneKÜNSTLERstudio 513
by maizewallin - Web

Mark doneBottleFlip! [Vive]
by Drumsmasher17 - Media

Mark doneIn a room with a small button
by bizn355 - Web, Source

Mark doneGoat and Gold VR
by channie - Windows, Web

Mark doneBad Paddle
by Andrew Adams - Windows, Mac, Source

Mark doneTo see a world in one room
by Ango - Windows, Mac

Mark doneClaustrophobia
by felipeac - Windows, Linux, Source

Mark doneThe Room
by Kain.Oborin - Windows, Mac

Mark doneThe Elevator
by LFiddler - Multi-platform

Mark doneA Rogue's Tale
by toasteh - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneBang! Bang!
by BeardyWombat - Windows

Mark doneMallard Reaction
by marbenx - Windows

Games with 3 votes

14 more votes needed!

Mark doneThe Room - Christopher Vaughan
by christopher-vaughan - Windows, Mac, Source

Mark doneShatteredStarRealms
by oillen - Windows

Mark doneRock Paper Sushi
by chinomaker - Windows

Mark doneSalt Pile
by ehgoodenough - Windows, Mac, Source

Mark doneRunner of the deepths
by sirk800 - Windows, Source

Mark doneThe Light
by rbit - Windows

Mark doneThe Sealed Room of Doom
by KLegacy - Web

Mark donePuzzling
by monkeedude1212 - Windows

Mark doneSurvive LDJam 37
by Wirdo91 - Windows, Source

Mark doneQuality Control: Christmas Factory
by meganerd - Web

Mark doneQuantum Room
by Lord Daniev - Windows, Source

Mark donePWNG
by wardev - Windows

Mark doneAnthill
by Kerzak - Windows

Mark doneThe Great RoomScape!
by RainbowKappa789 - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneA day of a wife
by karmo - Source

Mark doneShootOut
by RahulFromFP - Windows, Mac

Mark doneShoot&Scoot
by Leonatic - Windows

Mark doneRocket Balls
by michaelkatic - Windows

Mark doneTake This Room!!
by Leonardosantana - Windows

Mark doneTake Care of the Human
by ClementC - Windows

Mark doneThe Shack
by JNK - Windows, Source

Mark doneAracnescape
by JSmitQ - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneRoom 101
by qu2 - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Source

Mark doneRoom
by R3igZyr - Windows

Mark doneRoom
by benjamins - Windows, Web

Mark donePlants vs Creeps
by frederikja - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneSyrtet
by hellforge - Web

Mark doneSpectrum
by bloodriot - Web, Source

Mark doneROOM
by ompuco - Windows

Mark doneQuarantine
by johnsonnikolaus - Windows

Mark doneSandman Cometh - Team Sparrow
by chokotoff13 - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark donePoulett
by Tero - Windows, Source

Mark doneSant'Arcade
by floch_a - Windows

Mark doneThe Lab
by ultramario183 - Web

Mark doneSearch Or Be Destroyed (A Google Cardboard VR Game)
by RetroRomper - Windows, Linux, Web, Source

Mark doneAwake, Aware
by cogitoautomata - Source

Mark doneQuiet Down
by Galejade - Web

Mark doneThe One Room
by dreadloaf - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneSpritiual Monopoly
by kurusaki234 - Source

Mark doneRoom Full O Candy
by JALgames - Windows

Mark doneSingle Room Death Shmup
by LLBlumire - Windows, Source

Mark doneStill lost
by marktopus - Web

Mark doneThe Approving/Disapproving Mayor
by skylar1146 - Windows, Source

Mark doneStockroom Syndrome
by EstherBouma - Windows

by alexdawsonca - Windows, Source

Mark doneRoom Wars
by galemius - Web

Mark doneSmithy
by nodex0 - Web, Source

Mark doneRemain
by mouns - Windows, Source

Mark doneRipplehearth Haven
by Whooshy - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneRoom of no Escape (prototype)
by HD408 - Windows

Mark doneRoom Rush
by Epicsoft - Windows

Mark doneThe Panic Room
by JuiceBox Entertainment - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneBank Escape
by Corniflex - Web, Source

Mark doneSleeper
by legio3030 - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web

Mark doneCookie Defense
by iMer - Windows, Linux, Source

Mark doneSnake: The Gathering
by Jimsen - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneThe RPG Shop
by glauz - Windows

Mark doneSurvival Shelter
by SpookyFM - Web, Source

Mark doneSupermarket Runner
by Benolot - Web

Mark donea confusing mess
by Clayblob - Windows, Source

Mark doneR-G-B-Y
by UC101 - Windows, Mac

Mark doneRobot Rescue
by Misandu - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneRevenge of the Room
by EdgarVerona - Windows, Source

Mark doneSurvive
by adean - Windows, Source

Mark doneSuper Mage Arena
by mungoman1 - Windows

Mark doneSnakeline Miami
by calavera - Web, Source

Mark doneCold Light
by Satyre - Download (LD Version), Web

Mark doneSilent Devil Room
by lparker - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneTetris Spacestation
by Tetha - Desktop, Github Release, Web, Source

Mark donetest
by james2008 -

Mark doneSpace Conquer
by Xedith - Windows, Source

Mark doneRoomRacers
by Kylian - Windows, Source

Mark doneSuper Duper Robot The Game
by ZenriS - Windows, Source

Mark doneThe Doodler
by Tabea - Windows, Mac

Mark doneMy Life
by Jacksendary - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneHotel Conifornia
by Friends With Ben - Web

Mark doneHortus conclusus
by StrayCat - Web

Mark doneUnlucky TikTak
by LinkoVitch - Windows, Source

Mark donehttps://thewhitereaper.itch.io/amphibians-bliss-one-room-challenge
by fredrick300 - Web

Mark doneHuman Herd
by Pepe - Windows

Mark doneIgluvijaq
by Tasgardyen - Windows, Source

Mark doneUnforgotten
by MagikFire - Source

Mark doneI'm Tired Today
by Kurulla_Se0 - Web

Mark doneHide and Creep
by Starspell - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneGuard
by Pie-Tras - Source, Java

Mark doneGorilla Rescue
by visioncored - Windows

Mark doneWarehouse Wallop
by Aumni - Windows, Mac

Mark doneGlitchGarden
by PaulohFerreira - Web, Source

Mark doneBrookzerker
by brookzerker - Windows, Mac, Source

Mark doneVictoria
by Crefossus - Windows

Mark doneGrounded
by jww608 - Windows

Mark doneDeep Dark Sea
by Deineri - Web

Mark doneIlya Yurchak
by Ilya Yurchak - Web, Source

Mark doneIn a Dark Room
by arathore - Windows

Mark doneKitchens Master Chef !
by makoto2008 - Web

Mark donePigmaDeluxArmatrix
by Vidsneeze - Web

Mark doneJust two more minutes
by JaneDove - Windows

Mark doneKnock it Off
by Asarge - Web

Mark doneLARP
by Corner - Windows

Mark doneTreasure Chamber
by M@ - Web

Mark doneDark Heights
by Galbix - Web

Mark doneDeadlySpaceStars
by ThiefViolinist - Windows

Mark doneTwitch Tycoon (Requires a Twitch Accounts)
by Seby - Windows

Mark doneIncinerator Room
by joh - Windows

Mark doneIn My House of Solitude
by Mothrom - Web, Source

Mark doneIn Another's Shoes
by TheRulerOfOats - Game Only, Web, Source

by dmfreddie - Windows, Mac

Mark doneInsects in my room
by TheBekka - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneClosed Circuit
by faxolotl - Windows, Web

Mark doneInter-universal Treasure Hunter
by Topper - Web, Source

Mark doneGladio
by whatsmyface - Windows, Source

Mark doneGHOZZTZ [prototype]
by Studio Kraze - Windows

Mark doneEndless Bouncy Block
by annnoo - Web, Source

Mark doneElevator Camp
by LelandCartire - Download, Media

Mark doneAll I Want For Christmas
by jam-productions - Google Drive

Mark doneEnikos
by ParallaxPhantom - Web

Mark doneYou Have to Push the Button.
by xykvy (https://twitter.com/xykvy) - Windows, Source

Mark doneEscape from darkness
by LouisG - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneDespair Room
by valmas - Windows, Mac, Web

Mark doneElectric elementals
by awerar - Source

Mark doneele
by sirerr - Windows, Source

Mark doneDon't Ruin Christmas
by mike-lowe - Windows, Mac

Mark doneDolled Up (Vive)
by James Wood - Windows

Mark doneDodge in a box
by lucas.briffaud - Windows

Mark doneCat Lady RPG
by Bownly - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneCasinoManager
by MyFrosch - Windows, Linux, Source

Mark doneEagle Eye Detective
by misson20000 - Web, Source

Mark doneDragon Ball — The Last Room
by deromek - Windows

Mark doneWriters' Block
by computer_overlord - Windows

Mark doneWords With Owl
by shofixti - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneWelcome to H.E.L.L.
by ZushidotomoThe3DHero - Windows

Mark doneFury Of The Farmer
by malobil - Windows

Mark doneFrozenPizza!
by stalker2106 - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web

Mark doneGanymede Dig
by Hairein - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneGarden of Eden
by gadevoi - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneGhostPop!
by Ted Brown - Windows, Mac

Mark doneA-mazing Room
by AsSoonAsImpossible - Windows

Mark doneFootBowling
by kelbg - Windows

Mark doneFat Amish Jones
by inzombiak - Windows, Web

Mark doneCafe House
by JanTych - Google Drive Download

Mark doneCalamity Station
by CharlesK - Web

Mark doneWizard of the Tech Room
by pacificyost - Windows

Mark doneDemi Dojo
by LifeAbstract - Mac

Mark doneEyball Room
by DBRalir - Windows

Mark donefallingblockroom
by tomhunt - Windows, Mac, Linux, Web

Mark doneFactory Floor
by martynasbudvytis - Windows, Web

Mark doneLDJAM_37: Yan Mc Baba's Survival
by Vegevan - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneKavex's Platformer
by Kavex - Windows, Source

Mark doneOld McDonald's ANIMAL FARM
by Lawnchair Society - Windows, Source

Mark doneThis is Where the Dead Live
by Nefarious Fox - Windows

Mark doneAlien Defenders
by TA418 - Windows, Source

Mark doneThings Worse Than Ravens...
by fueelin - Windows, Source

Mark doneOne Button
by scottthoo - Windows, Mac

Mark doneThere's no escape !
by lyres - Web, Source

Mark doneThere's No One Home
by Dis0rder - Windows, Source

Mark doneOne Room
by PelagicGames - Amazon Fire TV, Web

Mark doneNormal probability room
by yiyuezhuo - Web, Source

Mark doneNo Escape
by Lucatiel641 - Profile, Web

Mark donemuseumroomtwrdef
by XRQTQMWQXNYL - Web, Media

Mark doneMoving Time
by christiano - Web, Source

Mark doneMother's Room
by lemonlary - Source

Mark doneThrough The Window
by _benhumphries - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneNeon Death Cube
by Deamonboy - Windows

Mark doneAlone In a Room
by inventer99 - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneNewsroom
by Icelus - Web, Source

Mark doneOne Room Funeral: The Exorcist
by emontero - Windows

Mark doneOne Room Movers
by BoUnDtOtHeEaRtH - Windows, Mac, Web, Source

Mark donePainterball
by mreffgee - Windows

Mark doneThe Treasure of Gah Zu'kann
by riftrune - Windows, Mac

Mark doneAlien Cube Sorting Room
by toni343 - Windows

Mark donePapal Fiction
by cstevenson - Windows, Source

Mark donePerspective Room
by Hatsimufu - Windows

Mark donePew Pew Pew
by Rise and Shine Games -

Mark donePeterTheSkater!
by M.Demiurg - Windows

Mark doneTheExperiment
by ElStevo - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneOne Tank One Room
by Brendev - Windows, Source

Mark doneOne Room Ordeal
by TankyyTheEngineer - Web

Mark doneOne Room of Pain
by roberto-graham - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneOne Room MUD
by wwwtyro - Web

Mark doneChristmas room
by kalasha666 - Mac, Web, Source

Mark doneBino
by sadao0 - Windows, Source

Mark doneThere can only be one room
by RedPandaWasTaken - Windows

Mark doneOne Room to Rule Them All
by DrZanuff - Web

Mark doneTilted
by erik-tate - Windows, Source

Mark doneThrone Rush
by pengu - Windows

Mark doneMatt Donatelli and Jillian Stiles
by MattDonatelli - Windows

Mark doneTipiac
by robert_0 - Windows, Android

Mark doneMadeleine the Matchmaking Kitchen Witch
by jessb - Web

Mark doneMemory Control Room
by MEITdev - Windows, Source

Mark doneMasquerade
by shattereddrivegames - Windows

Mark doneClub Neon
by bitzawolf - Windows, Mac

Mark doneMarble-Kun's Amazing Maze: By J2Phoenix & Rock Bomber
by J2Phoenix - Windows

Mark doneLittle Shovel
by Temperancia - Windows, Mac

Mark doneBob's Takeover
by boblova2 - Web

Mark doneToy fighter
by Token - Windows

Mark doneM's Dungeon
by Daemondeal - Windows, Source

Mark doneDanger Room
by mlepage - Web

Mark doneMino-hoard
by davetamayo - Windows

Mark doneBomb Run
by maximx1 - Source

Mark doneLucky Much?
by procesaur - Web

Mark doneLudum Ball Dash
by ludumballdash - Windows

Mark doneLudum Cascade
by foyosoft - Windows, Source

Mark doneBludRise
by rexx1888 - Windows

Mark doneLook back!
by OArca - Windows

Mark doneLink Pops Bubbles in a Room
by Quadnozzle - Windows, Web

Games with 2 votes

15 more votes needed!

Mark done<Game Room>
by Tanton-XHX - Web

Mark doneZombie Lockout
by wviper3 - Mac

Mark doneThe Locked Up Survivor
by Hadermite - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source, Java

Mark doneThe Last Gas Station
by joestalin - Game

Mark doneAngela's Room
by Millefey - Windows

Mark doneTroom
by mauricio-leonardo - Windows

Mark doneThe Titan Catacombs
by watch213 - Windows

Mark doneZeppelin Zap
by robb_blob - Windows, Source

Mark doneZane's Room
by Orspectral - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneUnder The Mantle
by mathijs750 - Windows, Source

Mark doneTruth with Propaganda
by tmpxyz - Windows

Mark doneCollided Worlds
by CreatorOfWorlds - Windows

Mark doneToy soldier playroom
by jol4n100 - Linux, Source

Mark doneTROTW
by Knatt - Windows, Source

Mark doneThe Worlds Room
by bellum128 - The World's Room Development Page, Windows

Mark doneThe Room Voyage
by Tomahawk2001913 - Windows, Source

Mark doneanswers
by OrdepSacul - Windows, Mac

Mark doneToy's revenge
by tronexhx - Windows

Mark doneWaterproof TV
by noohop - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneTimeless Bar
by NaraJeamfry - Windows

Mark doneThe Exterminator
by tukisboolukis - Windows

Mark doneWalk around the (1 ROOM)d
by Piggles - Web

Mark doneThe Floor Is Lava
by PrehistoricPowerhouse - Windows, Source

Mark doneVir Die Beker
by chaotikZA - Windows, Source

Mark doneTime-Align
by Aaron-M - Web

Mark doneThree in Room
by dimsa - Windows

Mark doneThe Cheeseless Pizza
by Swynfel - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneTime To Work™
by dubbin - Web

Mark doneThe Path [working title]
by silentplaygames - Windows, Mac

Mark doneThat's Still One Room
by Fixdoll - Windows

Mark doneThe Both Of Us Can Get You Out
by Saphyre - Windows

Mark doneTo The Death
by waterytart - Windows

Mark doneAmazing Game
by Stufftough - Windows, Web

Mark doneThe Room
by Nintendo_obsessed (Obsessive Studios) - Web

Mark done(One Room) the Hunt :D
by JavaGames - Download, Source

Mark doneColor Maze
by j-duke - Windows

Mark donePerfect Wound
by Damian Elkins - Windows

Mark doneLocked In Room
by TinoR - Web

Mark doneLife Waypoint
by XtremePrime - Windows

Mark doneLet me out
by Goutye - Mac

Mark doneLongcat: The Enlongening
by afairchild - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneLoop
by HighPixel21 - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneLudum: Total Dare
by perde - Windows

Mark doneLounge Ace
by FrozenShadowDragon - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneLearning
by The Nintendo Fanboy - Windows

Mark doneBoop!
by saucecode - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneKnightmares
by CorporateDoge - Windows, Source

Mark doneJumper
by Undefined Programming - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneLaikas Return
by axoila - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneLantern Warrior
by BlazeCell - Windows

Mark doneLast Stand
by UncleGubbsy - Windows

Mark doneLaser Blaster Tag
by commanderstitch - Windows, Source, Media

Mark doneCellar Dweller
by Audun42 - Windows, Source

Mark doneA Rogue's Tale
by toasteh2 - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneMy First Room
by dragseal - Web

Mark doneMurder Mansion
by lordofduct - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneTanks with Friends
by blubberquark - Windows, Linux

Mark doneNonamy's quest
by gabrielaleone - Windows

Mark doneOh, This Room Again
by slarrimer - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneNotCom
by SelfTitled - Windows, Source

Mark doneMunchies
by Jamie Guillemette - Windows, Mac, Source

Mark doneMood
by Meedoc - Windows, Mac

Mark doneMattThePie's House Party
by MattThePie - Windows, Source

Mark doneMagic Mayhem
by StarStorm295 - Windows

Mark doneBlue
by ForrestS49 - Windows, Mac, Source

Mark doneminecorp
by kiesenverseist - Windows, Source

Mark donemiths arena
by wizord - Windows, Source

Mark doneMischievous Room VR
by chinnie - Windows, Source

Mark doneJam Packed
by Simukas - Windows, Source

Mark doneJam Fighter
by dos - Windows, Linux

Mark doneEscheract: A crooked house
by hattielloyd - Source

Mark doneCapt. Skett
by archgeko - Windows

Mark doneEscape The Room
by AtomFox0213 - Web

Mark doneEscupitajulus Insanis
by moisesjbc - Windows, Linux

Mark doneCabin Commander
by AlexDiru - Windows

Mark doneFrog Test
by groverburger - Windows

Mark doneFive Knocks
by Zhoot - Web, Source

Mark doneEscape the R... Ship?
by Ybalrid - Windows, Source

Mark doneError: 4004
by MissVioletVi - Web

Mark doneDon't touch my Twixie Bar!
by armani03k - Windows

Mark doneDim Mirror
by Guardabello - Web

Mark doneDont Breathe My Air!
by Suaave - Web

Mark doneDOOR.
by jaytechmedia - Windows

Mark doneElevator Aperator
by Huskitch - Windows

Mark doneDetective Ludum
by theSand - Windows

Mark doneGalactic Arena
by Stalker_23b - Windows, Source

Mark doneGargoyle
by Raphi - Windows

Mark doneHide the Party
by kumoi - Windows

Mark doneBrewery simulator
by eborche2@asu.edu - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneI fell...
by arkanos - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneI've Seen This Room Twice Already
by gelisam - Mac, Source

Mark doneDeathroom
by projesh - Windows

Mark doneInstantly
by khofez - Windows

Mark doneGymmy Boy
by TwisterGE - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneGray purr and the magical Purr gate
by Hyenaman - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneDefend The Chest
by Clid - Windows

Mark doneGingerbread Houses Inc.
by Bookworm31 - Windows, Source

Mark doneGoldberg
by BasmanovDaniil - Windows

Mark doneGoocer
by stuffed - Web, Source

Mark doneGravity Room
by Oblivionaxe - Windows

Mark doneGotta Herd'em All
by BestNickname - Windows, Source

Mark doneOne bad room
by Xakkar - Windows

Mark doneMy Room
by REIN1 - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneA Discordant Crowd
by Alloyed - Web, Source

Mark doneRooms'r'us
by Myko - Windows, Source

Mark doneRpToy
by HJP - Windows

Mark doneRune Forge
by Languard - Web, Source

Mark doneBad One Room Survival
by blueberry_thief - Windows

by azure - Windows, Source

Mark doneA Climb.
by Ansjh - Web

Mark doneRoombatron
by corey - Windows, Mac

Mark doneStrange Carrot
by Klukluka - Our Facebook , Windows, Source

Mark doneSpace Station Simulator
by Pio6 - Windows, Linux

Mark doneCommunity Bored
by Bored - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneRoom?
by Anoghastra - Windows, Source

Mark doneRoomAnt
by darksshades - Windows, Source

Mark doneAwffle House
by mpath - Linux, Source

Mark doneSanta Escape
by egragsone - Windows

Mark doneSlimes
by marshall_parsons - Windows, Mac

Mark doneSingle-Room Stealth Action
by d3dc - Windows, Mac

by graceavery - Windows, Source

Mark doneSpaceShooters(V0.1)
by sadiqu_m - Windows

Mark doneAvoiding Days
by keegdragon - Web

Mark doneSnowmen Defense
by EstrelSteel - Download (v1.0a), Download (v1.0a), Source

Mark doneSquishy Room
by Rob Glen - Windows, Source

Mark doneSingle room shooter
by StMatn - Java

Mark doneShall I Kill Her?
by Juan Hust_Groovel Studio - Windows, Mac, Linux

Mark doneSchrödinger: Story of a Ludum Dare failure
by kardfogu - Windows

Mark doneShootemupper
by smagee - Source

Mark doneShower With Your Family Simulator 2017
by collaboration - Windows

Mark doneSingle Room Designer
by Wedge McCloud - Windows

Mark doneRoom Crafter
by Thirrash - Windows

Mark doneRoom Escape
by UchihaKite - Windows, Web

Mark doneColorDuel: Kids
by Hemuuuli - Windows, Linux, Source, Media

Mark doneOutta My Room
by marvalgames - Windows, Web, Source

Mark doneOne Room - Survival
by lipponen - Windows, Source

Mark doneParadoxical
by green2onion - Windows

Mark doneStream of Time
by Ivan Sukhanov - Windows

Mark donePeople-Pets
by MrRosso - Windows

Mark doneCrazy Color Casters
by sbackus - Windows, Mac, Source

Mark doneArcade War
by sniper33 - Windows

Mark doneOne Room Hero
by poik007 - Windows

Mark doneOne Room Escape
by kittyinthestudio - Windows, Source

Mark doneOne room:Matrice
by zintho - Windows

Mark doneOne thousand rooms
by snarf -

Mark doneColorado Steve
by waylon531 - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneOperation room
by kingofzombies - Windows

Mark donePill Popper
by cybutek - Windows, Source

Mark donePlumber VR
by Zetym - Windows, Media

Mark doneBasement Floor One of One
by Jajo - Source, Java

Mark doneQuestion of the Guilt
by Asunoz - Windows

Mark doneRadio Room
by ingledewjf - Web

Mark doneRIBBEAT!
by Supernaught - Web

Mark doneA Fistful of Time
by kkz - Windows

Mark donePuzzle Shift
by mngse - Windows, Web, Source

Mark donePurpose
by ohyhei - Source

Mark donePogoshield
by wallmasterr - Windows

Mark donePoco's Christmas Market
by A Little Red Panda - Web

Mark donePoo Dashers
by Odst - Windows

Mark doneStudio Apartment Simulator
by EmptyThroneTeam - Web

Mark doneOne Room Commander
by drentsoft - Windows, Linux

Games with 0 votes

17 more votes needed!

Mark doneTurtle Fork
by aucguy - Web, Source

Mark doneRoomon
by FrederickK - Windows, Media

Mark doneArtful Dodger
by staircasewitch - Mac

Mark doneTest Post Please Ignore
by SgtBursk - Windows

Mark doneThe Beacon
by GunnarJ - Windows, Mac, Linux, Source

Mark doneKnight's Night Tale(Unfinished)
by Toothbrush - Web, Source

Mark doneTop Hat Escapade
by tommisaalasti - Windows

Mark doneAn unnamed puzzle room
by MarcRobin - Windows

Mark doneAnimal Guns
by rbx775 - Windows, Source

Mark doneTime Crunch
by jovoc - Mac, Source

Mark doneOcean View
by laaph - Web

Mark doneunknown
by unknown -

Mark doneBall in Room - Learning Unity :(
by jsonbee - Web

Mark doneCOCOON - can't finish in time
by Uson Chen - Web

Mark doneGalfgarion
by galfgarion - Windows

Mark doneThe Day I Dared
by Josh - Windows

Mark doneBuild Your Way Out (game-ish experiment)
by Michael Feeney - Web

Mark doneAmmoRoom
by HazmatPajama - Windows

Mark doneAge of Guilds
by Zampi - Web

Mark doneBusiness
by Kori - Windows, Source

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